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The Veldfundi YouTube Direct Challenge picks up momentum

After a somewhat slow start the Veldfundi YouTube Direct Challenge is finally sparking some interest. Up until today, these challenges have produced submissions from but a single author. Today, however, new submissions of great quality have slowly begun trickling in, adding a whole new dimension to the video challenge.

Enter the Veldfundi YouTube Direct Challenge by submitting your wildlife videosThe Veldfundi YouTube Direct Challenge is in actual fact not a single challenge, but a number of video submission requests found on the Veldfundi website. The purpose of this website is to teach South Africans how to take ownership of their environmental skills and knowledge and to promote and benefit nature conservation by posting their wildlife experience on the internet.

The effect of displaying videos posted by viewers on the Veldfundi website is not only to gather a following for the Veldfundi site, but also to display content to viewers that they find relevant. In this way the submissions made by the video authors will shape the content of the website into something they themselves determine the path of.

Contact with the author of the latest video submissions raised some very valid questions about the Veldfundi YouTube Direct Challenges.

What is the challenge or the aim?

What is the incentive to submit videos?

What is the Affiliation between these challenges and YouTube?

Why do my videos display “by Alex Volker”?

In response to these questions:

These video challenges and the Veldfundi website is still in its infancy, the challenge now as it stand is simply the submission of a video, which is relevant to the request made. Incentives and prizes are being considered for the future based on the number of submisions and interest that these challenges spark with the public.

Every page has a comment section where feedback can be given on the site or the videos contained in the playlists, but this has not yet been formally enacted and further decisions in this regard are dependent on public engagement.

The benefit to the authors at this very point in time is that, upon approval, their videos will be showcased to a South African audience with the expectation of viewing videos on the South African Nature Conservation industry.

The Veldfundi YouTube Direct Challenge is not in any way affiliated with YouTube barring the fact that the Challenge uses the YouTube technology. The YouTube Direct Platform is a third party program developed by independent parties , but the service integrates with YouTube to enable the submissions and display of YouTube videos. The YouTube Direct functionality is also often used by Media agencies to enable the public to submit local news to them directly on video directly.

The playlist of video submissions embedded in the website is of the same functionality that YouTube provides anybody to be able to embed a playlist of videos on a blog or website. In these instances the introductory title will reflect the name of the person who compiled the playlist and not the authors’ of the respective videos. The name of the video author is, however, on display on every individual video. You may have to move your mouse cursor to the top of the video to see the title and the name of the author.

The new submssions to the Veldfundi YouTube Direct Challenge were posted to the challenge on the South African Outdoor Getaway Challenge This challenge allows the public to display places of interest in the Eco-Tourism industry.

Galen Schultz posted four videos in this category. The most striking video
of this selection is with out a doubt Proudly South African, which on the day it was submitted to the challenge had an impressive 21,486 views. This video very subtly portrays the contrast of South Africa in the history marred by violence and bloodshed together with the combined achievements and glory. All of this in the backdrop of beautiful photograps of our natural heritage and snippets of what it is to be South African.

The sum total of all 36 videos posted by this author is an even more impressive 192, 053 views. Galen describes himself as a proudly South African online geek and web addict with a bachelors degree in new media. He spends much of his time blogging, writing and producing videos. He is presently employed by the Natal Witness as a “design sub-editor, technology columnist and multimedia journo

Visit Galen’s blog: Witness This

Please visit the Veldfundi website to take part in one of the video challenges. Here is a link to a the free pdf ebook The Veldfundi’s Bare Bone Basic Guide to YouTube, which gives more insight into YouTube from a beginners perspective and gives better instructions on how to enter the Veldfundi’s YouTube Direct Challenge.

The Veldfundi’s YouTube Direct Challenge Begins

The Veldfundi YouTube Direct Challenge is aimed at South Africans to share their knowledge and experiences of nature on video with people from around the world.

Enter the Veldfundi YouTube Direct Challenge by submitting your wildlife videosThe challenge calls for any video with a South African Environmental or South African outdoor cooking theme. The purpose of this challenge is to engage South African viewers of the Veldfundi website and allow them to share their experiences with interested or like minded viewers.

The challenge is not very specific and preference is simply set to environmental content from South Africa and of course for people to share their local outdoor cuisine secrets on video.

I am very proud to display the very first video submission received from an outside person. (my own videos have been on display for some time) Please scroll through the video playlist to see all the video submissions by clicking the arrows on the side.

This video was received from an elderly retired widower from the Cape. He passes much of his time making videos hosted on YouTube starring Tabatha or Baby Angel, a doll that belonged to his late wife.

These videos feature Baby Angel’s travels and experiences which are a often a mix of fantasy and reality aimed specifically at the young ones. In this video, specifically created for Veldfundi’s YouTube Direct Challenge, Tabatha visits the whale migration in Hermanus and explores the Fynbos region.

The video is a simple slideshow with writing, pictures, sound effects and also features the popular song Waka waka performed by Shakira for the Soccer World Cup in South Africa.

This is a delightful little video which makes part of a series of stories of Ken and Baby Angel.

Kenenth seemed very happy with the response he received on youTube after posting one of the stories of Tabatha on Veldfundi’s YouTube Challenge and he mentioned that friends of his, on FaceBook, suggested that he also enters this little video.

Please feel free to contribute your South African wildlife moments for consideration on the Veldfundi YouTube Direct Challenge.

For more information click Veldfundi’s YouTube Direct Challenge or you can enter the challenge by clicking the “Enter the Challenge Button” below.

Looking forward to your submission.



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